Where to look for business signage in your area

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, screen technologies are playing an increasingly important role in facilitating communication, allowing employees to work from home, and providing vital health information. In addition to providing essential services, businesses are actively seeking screens that can support their sustainability goals.

As a result, many of this year’s hottest digital signage trends revolve around eco-friendly products and practices. These green digital signage solutions include energy-efficient LCD and LED displays, remote control options to reduce the amount of time content needs to be changed, and the use of recycled materials.


The cutting-edge technology of the future is now available for all your business applications.

Digital signage solutions provide real-time remote video display of high definition resolution and multi-source content over a single Cat5 cable. They are a reliable solution for extending the capabilities of existing flat panel displays, projectors, or other media hardware to deliver engaging information to all areas of your company.

Intuiface’s no-code authoring tools simplify the creation of interactive experiences for deployment on both interactive in-venue (embedded as an iFrame) and web digital signage. And because they run on Player Next Gen, experiences are compatible with third-party CMS platforms including AppSpace, BrightSign, Dise, Korbyt, Navori, REACH Media, Samsung VXT, Signagelive, and Telelogos.

Another of this year’s hottest digital signage products is the Las Vegas Sphere, a spherical structure with an enormous LED screen at its center. This attraction, built by local tech giants Blackmagic Design, has become a centerpiece of discussion for its awe-inspiring form and technological prowess. However, this structure’s real value lies in its ability to connect with the public through visual storytelling.

Augmented reality is another of this year’s hottest digital signage technology trends. By leveraging computer vision, sensors and cameras, AR allows users to experience a blend of the physical and digital worlds. It’s a powerful tool for marketers, offering them the opportunity to promote their brands in new and unique ways.

Using free software like iMovie or Adobe Express, screen creators can easily create videos for their displays. These applications are equipped with basic editing features, music creation tools and even picture-in-picture functions that help to make the final product look professional. For more advanced video post-production, Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve offers a wide range of editing, color correction and visual effects capabilities.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Attractive company signs has proven to be an excellent marketing and communication tool for retail stores during this challenging time. It has allowed retailers to communicate with their customers, advertise products, and keep them updated about the latest sales and promotions. In addition, it’s a convenient way to display store hours, ADA compliant room locations and numbers, and any other information that might be required by employees or visitors.

With a unified digital signage platform and enterprise governance, you can manage a visual communications network that supports all types of screens and end points — from video walls to kiosks to employee desktops. You can also personalize content based on user roles, department, location, specific days or times and more.

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