What Are The Benefits of Joining Yachts Membership Program

Exclusive yacht clubs are a coveted membership option that offers unparalleled experiences and amenities. From a fleet of luxurious yachts to tailored itineraries, club members are offered an upscale experience that goes beyond mere sailing or boating. These clubs often foster a sense of community among their members and elevate the club to more than just an experience provider; it is a gateway to a distinguished lifestyle.

Clubs vary in size, reputation, services, and cost. Initiation fees can be substantial and annual dues may also apply. It is important to research specific clubs to understand their costs and make sure you are comfortable with these financial commitments before pursuing membership. For details and more information just click here!

Many clubs are private entities and require a high level of exclusivity to ensure that the club community is comprised of individuals who are genuinely interested in yachting and align with the club’s values. The admission process typically involves a thorough interview or evaluation of applicants to assess their suitability for yachting and the club. Some clubs also have age restrictions and other requirements for new members, such as a minimum level of yachting or sailing experience.

Yacht ownership is not for everyone, and even fractional-ownership programs do not eliminate all expenses related to yachting. Naples-based Exclusive Yachts takes a different approach to yachting, offering subscription-based yacht membership that takes away the upfront costs of owning a yacht. Members choose the number of days and destination they want to travel, and then their dedicated concierge selects the vessel and creates a customized itinerary. Members then pay with their Yacht Points, a form of currency that covers fuel, dockage, crew gratuities, and more.

The yachts that Exclusive Yachts uses are not owned by the company, but rather by individual owners who monetize their yachts by entering into usage agreements with the club. This allows the club to provide a wide selection of vessels, allowing members to cruise and sail in different parts of the United States, as well as abroad.

In addition to yachting, the membership also provides access to a variety of other luxury and experiential activities and events that can be booked directly through the concierge service. These activities can include spa treatments, scuba diving excursions, gourmet dining, golfing, and other on-shore and off-shore activities.

Exclusive Yachts is taking a leading role in revolutionizing yachting in Southwest Florida by providing a premier yachting membership. For a one-time initiation fee and an annual fee, members receive 80 included charter hours to use for partial day, full day, weekend, or extended trips on the 68-foot Galeon 640 Fly. Members can book the vessel through the Exclusive Yachts app or by phone, and the concierge will take care of the rest. For more information on how you can become a member and enjoy these unique perks, visit the Exclusive Yachts website.

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